Brian Lara 400 Not Out

I had the pleasure, no, honour, of attending a function put on by Angostura and the Australian West Indian community at Crown to pay tribute to Brian Lara on his record breaking 400 not out scored in Antigua in April 2004.

Brian Lara was presented with a sculpture by a local artist which commemorated his record breaking innings.

At this function:

  • I spoke to, was photographed with, and got the autograph of Brian Lara
  • I spoke to Mervyn Dillon
  • I spoke briefly to Imran Khan (WI media liason… not the former Pakistani cricketer)
  • I spoke to several members of the coaching staff… including Bennet King
  • I spoke to the powers that be at Angostura here in Australia, in an attempt to get them to better market the rums here
  • I met Melbourne radio “personality”, Stick Moribo
  • I drank 9 rums (the good stuff… Angostura 1919) and 3 shooters

Needless to say… I’m pretty hammered at the moment and am about to get some sleep before I need to get up for work in the morning… but I HAVE to post this blog before I do so… who knows what I’ll remember, or NOT remember in the morning.


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