The Courier-Mail Is Part of News Ltd… Isn’t It?

While checking the refer logs, I noticed a link from the Courier-Mail newspapers website, followed it a noticed a link back to this site.

“COOL”, I thought. Then I checked the stats and saw that a total of 3 people had followed that link. THREE!!! THAT’S IT!!??

This on the tail of The Spin Start Here being forced offline for a few days because of their bandwidth being exceeded after News Ltd sent what must have been THOUSANDS of people to TSSH.

Clearly, TSSH was mentioned in something a little more widely read than The Courier-Mail. I’m glad I wasn’t forced offline, however it might have been nice to get more than THREE hits thanks to a mention in a major metropolitan newspaper. C’est la vie.


  1. Queenslanders can’t read. They buy the paper for the illustrations and the second hand car advert pictures (just a light hearted jibe for any Qlder’s reading). I lived there for 22 years and bought THE AGE for the last 2 years of living there. The Courier Mail is a shocking publication. I figure it’s purchased to wrap fish ‘n chips and pack crockery when moving house.

  2. Thank you, Johnboy, “conspiracy theorists r us”. TSSH was not forced off line by anyone. I’d appreciate it if you stopped making that false and litigious allegation. This isn’t the first place I’ve seen it.

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