2005 Australian Blog Awards – Program

The big day rapidly approaches and many of you are keen to see which sites will be crowned “Australia’s Best”. This year, I’ve decided to make things interesting and release the results over the space of an evening. As a result, all you “viewers” might find the following program useful.

Announcement will take place at 15 minute intervals beginning with the “Best Post on an Australian Blog” at approximately 5pm and finishing with “Best Overall Australian Blog” at around 9:45pm.

Here is the detailed schedule:

  17:00 – Best Post on an Australian Blog

  17:15 – Best Australian Collaborative Blog
  17:30 – Best New Australian Blog
  17:45 – Best Australian Tech Blog
  18:00 – Best Australian Photo Blog
  18:15 – Best Australian Political Blog
  18:30 – Best Australian Personal Blog
  18:45 – Best Designed Australian Blog
  19:00 – Best Humourous Australian Blog

  19:15 – Best Overseas Australian Blog
  19:30 – Best Australian Capital Territory Blog
  19:45 – Best Northern Territory Blog
  20:00 – Best South Australian Blog
  20:15 – Best West Australian Blog
  20:30 – Best Queensland Blog
  20:45 – Best Tasmanian Blog
  21:00 – Best Victorian Blog
  21:30 – Best NSW Blog

  21:45 – Best Overall Australian Blog

Best of luck to everyone that was nominated.

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