Anthony “Milli Vanilli” Callea

Hopefully, if Melbourne manage to keep the rights to host the 2006 F1 Grand Prix, the organisers will know better than to book the Australian Idol runner-up to sing our national anthem.

Last year, Shannon Nolls butchered the national anthem I sat there thinking that *I* could do a better job, and I know I can’t sing
This year, Anthony Callea mimed Advance Australia Fair so badly that Ashlee Simpson, Betty Boo and Eminem are making room for Anthony in their “Mimers Anonymous” workgroup… run by Milli Vanilli.

Even the Anthony Callea fan-club is struggling with the situation… but have managed to lay blame with channel Ten… somehow.


  1. Ah the weekend is back and access has again been granted for the kidies. First off not sure who your talking about, but I never said he couldn’t sing, he has a good voice, unfortunately I found most of what he did felt overproduced, lifeless and without an emotional connection to the music. The Prayer was an exception to that.

    People I think are/were talented for many different reasons, off the top of my head in no order and by no means exstensive: Norah Jones, Elvis, Eric Clapton, Frank Sinartra, Robbie Williams, The Waifs, Kirk Cobain, Pavaroti, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Jimi Hendrix, Jonny Cash, Sex Pistols. So what are your tastes?

    You mean stop bashing people who are having a go, Like Vlado who puts in enormous effort in the Blog community without reward but get trolled by some zealots, good advice. I should Get a Life, I thought that went out in the 90’s, well if you’re old school you might know what this means YHBTYHLHAND

  2. im sorry, did you say eminem has talent? All he does is jumble a couple of sentences filled with obsenities about his mother f****n life, string them all together and call it a song. If he is talented well then it must be pretty damn easy. compare him to anthony and he’s a coward who thinks he is famous because he can swear….. big deal

  3. I’m glad you were able to find one thing in that list you could complain about, otherwise I’d be worried we had the same taste. All the artists I listed I feel have the one thing AC lacks, and ability to convey the emotional sense of what they are performing. But hey if thats the depth at wich you enjoy your music, go fill you boots with AC’s recordings, and stay away from anything with swear words in it, its obviously got not merit.

    “Restriction of language is the tool by which restriction of ideas and expression is controled” – PM

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