Isn’t He Cute

A reader of this blog was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t write anything about the Logies… to be specific, he was disappointed that I didn’t write about Anthony Callea’s performace during the evening. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

  1. I didn’t watch the Logies… therefore I didn’t see the performance
  2. After the attention my last Anthony Callea related post got, I thought it better that I not say anything to upset the hoardes of Anthony Callea fans that trawl the web for people speaking ill of the love of their life
  3. I haven’t really had the time to blog about anything

But all that said, I’m more than happy to post the review T-man provided.

So, I present to you T-man’s view* of Anthony Callea’s performance at this years Logie awards evening:

We’ve all seen it, some of us have even been it. I’m talking about that kid who at every family get together does that thing. At some time during the night uncle Albert will say, “Johnny, are you going to do that song/dance etc that you do that we all enjoy?” and Johnny being a young kid seeking attention will get up in front of the family and do his bit and everyone will clap and laugh and say how cute it all is. When does it stop being cute? When do you grow out of that role? Well I caught a small bit of the Logies last night and saw that maybe the answer is never. On stage, dwarfed by the set was one Anthony Callea, doing his trick, again he sang the Prayer, a song no self respecting teenager would listen too if it wasn’t on Australian Idol, and the audience sat back and politely clapped with that ‘isn’t he cute’ type of enthusiasm. And all I could think of was that kid who continually does his act at the family get togethers. At least he wasn’t miming, well I don’t think so anyway.

* I don’t necessarily share the view, but then again, I might.