Isn’t He Cute

A reader of this blog was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t write anything about the Logies… to be specific, he was disappointed that I didn’t write about Anthony Callea’s performace during the evening. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

  1. I didn’t watch the Logies… therefore I didn’t see the performance
  2. After the attention my last Anthony Callea related post got, I thought it better that I not say anything to upset the hoardes of Anthony Callea fans that trawl the web for people speaking ill of the love of their life
  3. I haven’t really had the time to blog about anything

But all that said, I’m more than happy to post the review T-man provided.

So, I present to you T-man’s view* of Anthony Callea’s performance at this years Logie awards evening:

We’ve all seen it, some of us have even been it. I’m talking about that kid who at every family get together does that thing. At some time during the night uncle Albert will say, “Johnny, are you going to do that song/dance etc that you do that we all enjoy?” and Johnny being a young kid seeking attention will get up in front of the family and do his bit and everyone will clap and laugh and say how cute it all is. When does it stop being cute? When do you grow out of that role? Well I caught a small bit of the Logies last night and saw that maybe the answer is never. On stage, dwarfed by the set was one Anthony Callea, doing his trick, again he sang the Prayer, a song no self respecting teenager would listen too if it wasn’t on Australian Idol, and the audience sat back and politely clapped with that ‘isn’t he cute’ type of enthusiasm. And all I could think of was that kid who continually does his act at the family get togethers. At least he wasn’t miming, well I don’t think so anyway.

* I don’t necessarily share the view, but then again, I might.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.. i think this EXTREMELY STUPID casey donovan fan is very very upset that casey is getting her ass whooped in the charts.. so much, that she is gettin dropped by sony bmg… shame.. (NOT)

  2. It begins!
    Strangely you assume I’m a X/pop/idol type fan of some description, maybe you missed the point, I’m not.

    PS: Casey could crush AC like a twig between her butt cheeks 🙂

  3. I was at the logies. During the proceedings I went to the loos. The toilets were quite crowded becuase “Tickets” was snorting the had wash, again. After doing my business, I flushed and turned to do a bowl check. I starred in horror at the skid marks on the side of the bowl; a potential media nightmare. I did the right thing and scrubbed away the skiddies with the toilet brush and then flushed for a second time. It wasnt until late that evening, when he was on stage singing The Pray, that my mind once again turned to thoughts of shit and I realised that I had not used a toilet brush but the deminuative Anthony Callea. He must have been pushed into my cubicle by the growing number of poeple watching “Tickets” flapping around on the floor. Sorry AC and sorry to the people whose hands I shoke that evening as I was unable to wash my hands; “Tickets” had snorted all the hand wash.

  4. I was reliving the memories this morning, browsing over the last time AC made it to this forum. Seems as though a measure of one’s talent is how much marketing he has. Should we tell all the AC kiddies that the “Platinum Sales” AC has achieved are actually based on the number of singles that are pushed down to the record stores by the recording company, NOT the number of records actually sold to consumers? So next time you are cruising through Sanity/HMV/Virgin, take a look around at just how many AC singles are on the shelf (though it is probably a bit late now – so try to remember back to when the song was no. 1, i know that’s hard, you’re only teenagers and yesterday was a long time ago for you, but give it a go). You remembering? Good. Now ask yourself this. I wonder what happens to all those singles still on the shelf? Do they get sold? No kiddies, they don’t. They get shipped back to the recording company. So, now imagine the thousands of stores all over the country with hundreds of AC singles still on the shelf, just waiting to be shipped back to the recording company… Makes the “multi-platinum” award seem pretty hollow doesn’t it? Much like the artist really.

  5. do u know what is wierd… is that people like you seem to think that rubishing people with talent will make you feel good… but i geuss you just want to be the knobhead who makes his stupid comments in every converstaion! what a looser

  6. BTW.. Anthony is hot!! it doesn’t matter where the clothes he wears come from… he lookes hot in anything.. why Eddie? is the good salvo’s bin you get your clothes out of better??

  7. It looks like the AC fans have been allowed back on the computer… I guess it’s not a school night and their parents have let them use the computer… my, how they’ve been missed.

  8. well since you computer nerds spend all thier time on the compter… i think that is ALOT sadder!! haha… btw are you implying that only school kids like anthony callea? because i am 19 OK!! and since anthony’s first single “The Prayer” was the highest selling and Fastest selling australian single off all time… i doubt that te entire population of australia is stupid teenage girls… so get your facts right

  9. Well of course school kids only like Anthony Callea. Have you seen anyone else in this blog spelling as though they are either:
    a) talking to their homeboys on the corner, yo; or
    b) spelling as though they are sending SMSes?
    Of course not. And you poor 19 year old… had you ever listened or heard of Andrea Bocelli before Tony sang it? Of course not. Oh how sad.

  10. Casey is such a fat loser. How can you be a famous popstar and be that fat? I mean, eating Cherry Ripes for breakfast and farting all the time? You hoe! Loose some weight, lay of the maccas and get a real job. Casey, I dont know how people like you over Anthony, he may be a sobby-sob but his songs arent like – Journey soul heart shit. So, in other words, you are fat. Stop eating maccas. Only fat people listen to Casey. Casey…ewewewewew

  11. Antohy Callea is so much better than Casey, it doesnt matter id he’s short, at least he’s not fat tall tower of maccas like Casey. eeeeeew what a fatty, i cant beleive ive found more payouts towards AC than Fatty Donovan.

  12. why should it matter if i have of havent heard Andrea Bocelli sing the song??? all i need to know is that CASEY could NEVER sing that song because all she is capable of is screaming horrifc notes into the microphone… *shudder*

    And obviously Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s version of ‘The Prayer” is going to be better than Anthony’s version because Andrea Bocelli is like a trained opera singer… Anthony’s version is still good though, you have to admit it is Impressive!!!

  13. How dare you say that about Anthony Callea!!!!

    i’m apauled at what you have said and i find it discusting that you can bag someone that has a gift, Anthonys voice is the best voice i have ever heard and all i can say to the person who put him down is you are jealous and that is it!!!!

    I’ve been to and Anthony Callea concert and it was amazing he was soo great!! and the hottest person i’ve ever seen and yes he is cute but he’s also alot more than that!!!!

    Casey didn’t even want to enter the competition but her friends convinced her to but on the other hand Anthony was passionate about it and his career and he knew what he wanted to do when Casey was just giving it a shot because she had a decent voice and was under the influence of her friends.

    You made a comment about Anthony not even winnning idol… well that was a stupid thing to say because he’s doing better that Casey Donovan who did win, whick shows that Casey had an ok voice she is not a role model and the Australian public finally woke up when “The Prayer” and “Rain” mais number 1…. what happened to Casey’s other song, seems she was nothing but a 1 hit wounder!!!!

  14. hey,
    u guys that r being really mean to anthony on theMilli Vanilli comments r so mean. im a big fan of anthony and i will always stick up to him. Anthony Callea is like better then us. you think that u can sing better than him go ahead but u can’t. i have seen anthony heaps and i know what he is like. don’t make fun of anthony please. just posting this here because i cant’t post on the otherone. anthony callea should sing all the time n dont think that someone else should. so yer!

    xx tidah

  15. ok i love anthony callea song n yer i forgot to say about this topic is fine. just the other one. hes really hot gorgeous n cute. yer! i love him.

  16. i liked both casey donovan and anthony callea…i live on hawaii so we mostly hear only american idol…but just recently we got to hear the other idols around the world…and then we got to see the last rounds of australian idol 2…it was awsome, anthony has a strong male singin voice and hes stage presence is so exciting to watch…and casey can control her vocals so well that its almost to the point were she could do opera if she wanted to(almost)…but yeah, both of their voices are so intoxicating, i love it

  17. oh and to add some more….i dont care if hes short or if she is fat…i dont need my eyes to see if somebody can sing or not

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