Happy 60th Birthday Tato

Drawing of Tato

Tatiana’s (my six year old daughter) drawing of her grandfather

Yesterday my father, my tato, turned 60. He’s most definitely a very young sixty though… in mind and manner anyway… his body has started to show the effects of quite a hard life.

Born on the 14th of June back in 1945 in what was then called Yugoslavia, life wasn’t easy.

He came to Australia in the early 70’s, got married and started a family.

Tato smoking and playing his guitar

Smokin’ and playing his guitar back in the 70’s

I owe so much of what I am to my dad. The sacrifices he made for his family went largely unrecognised by me (and my sisters I’m sure) until I experienced fatherhood for myself. Only then did I really start to comprehend just what he had done, what he had gone without to ensure that we had a better life than he had when he was growing up.

Well… this is just a small thank you to tato, Stefan Kekoc, for all that he has done and given to me. He’s been a great father, and a wonderful role model to base my fatherhood on.

Happy Birthday Tato.

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  1. I now I’m over a year late on my response, but I totally agree that our Tato is the best. I just wish I was wise enough when I was young to see how much he really did and does love us. Although he was cool back then, because he always let us sleep over anyones house that we wanted, he didn’t care!!

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