Collective Apathy

Collective Apathy is a great looking new site that has recently launched.

Col.lec.tive (adj.) : An aggregate of many members as opposed to an individual. Relating to a charateristic of, or made by a number of individuals acting as a group.

Ap.a.thy (n.) : Apathy is the complete lack of motivation or concern in matters of importance or appeal. Apathy can be about a person, activity, or object. It can be a common reaction to stress. It can also reflect a non-pathological disinterest in things one does not consider important. Certain workplaces are known to cause apathy.

Col.lec.tive Ap.a.thy: We don’t give a rat’s anymore.

The “Web Dump” thing looks like a reasonably good filter of sites like MeFi etc, the “Trailer Trash” concept is quite interesting… I’ve never seen reviews of the movie trailers before, and I suspect that the “Rants” will become quite active once the ball really gets rolling.

I look forward to seeing how this site develops.