Arijana and Her Shadow

When did you first notice your own shadow? Can’t remember!? Well, neither can I. All the more reason to record the event here for Arijana.

On Friday, I got a call at work from Michele. At 18 months and 1 day of age, Arijana noticed that she had a shadow… and she didn’t know what to make of it.

While picking up Tatiana from school, while walking through the playground, heading back to the car, Michele did a quick headcheck of the kids and noticed that Arijana had fallen behind a little. Looking back Michele saw Arijana looking at the ground, and raising her arms into the air, lowering them, and then raising them again. The shadow did as Arijana did (strangely enough).

Then Arijana waved… her shadow waved.

Then Arijana looked closer at the shadow and noticed that it was attached to her feet. She step back away from it only to have it follow her.

She lifted her foot and brushed at the sole, her attempt to make sure none of the shadow was still stuck to her foot, but as she rested her foot back on the ground the shadow immediately reattached itself.

This is when she decided to RUN! She zigged and zagged across the playground in a vain attempt to escape her pursuer, crying and screaming.

Michele almost wet herself at the sight. If only we had a video camera to capture the occasion.


  1. how cute! Must permenantly attach video camera to hip when I eventually get round to child rearing – in order not to miss priceless moments like this

  2. But wouldn’t you then end up putting all your time into capturing rather that experiencing? Having said that I always thought I’d remember those ‘moments’
    in my sons life but lots have just disappeared because there are so many…….until we get out the old video tapes. So now many of our memories are the ones we recorded.

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