Farewell Farina… and DON’T COME BACK!

Finally, Frank Farina is gone… whether he jump or was pushed, I don’t care. All that matters is that he’s no longer in charge of the national team, and as a result, Australia MIGHT have a chance of qualifying for the 2006 World Cup. I’ve never been a fan of Farina, and I’m not impressed by his record as the Socceroos and Olyroos coach. Sure it looks good on paper, but when one considers the “quality” of the opposition in most of those games, it’s not that great.

In short, Farina was always the wrong person for the job… but now, with the management of the sport in this country finally getting it’s sh!t together (i.e. the new FFA replaces to completely inept SA/ASA), a new and improved national league about to get underway (A league will be so much better than the NSL ever was), and now Farina’s gone, the football (aka soccer) can finally move forward and head toward becoming the number #1 football code in this country…. assuming the right person is appointed.

You know it makes sense.


  1. They’ve got to drop the “Socceroo” and “Olyroo” tags, now. They were hideously embarrassing at the best of times, but are now totally redundant seeing as the sport has been rebranded “football” (100 years too late) in Australia.

    Stay tuned for the Footballaroos … I wouldn’t put it past ’em. Much like the Aussie strikers. Get it?

  2. Yeah… “Socceroo” doesn’t work all that well when one considers the rebranding taking place. “Olyroo” still works though… well, as much as it did before, anyway.

    Never was a fan of either of the nicknames, personally… but with time, they grew on you… much like a fungal infection. I think it’s time that they changed the team names… but change them to what? “Footballroos” doesn’t work for me… worthy of a forum discussion.

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