The A-League Has Finally Arrived

With the kick-off of the inaugaral A-league only hours away, I thought I’d better get in with my predictions about how I thought it’d go.

And let’s cut to the chase… the important stuff… I could give you my detailed analysis of each and every team, who will star, what the attendances will be like, etc, etc… and I planned on doing just that, but as with so many of my plans for this site, I just don’t have to time… so… to the chase… my predictions for the final standings at the end of the season.

  1. Sydney FC
  2. Central Coast Mariners FC
  3. Melbourne Victory FC
  4. Newcastle Jets FC
  5. Perth Glory FC
  6. Queensland Roar FC
  7. Adelaide United FC
  8. New Zealand Knights FC

This could be completely off… nobody really knows how the tight restrictions on squad numbers will effect the sides through the season. With squads limited to 20 players, a side could be crippled by injuries to a key player or two and completely derail their season.

While I’m here, I might as well give you my tips for Round One:

Newcastle Jets FC v Adelaide United FC [1:0]
Perth Glory FC v Central Coast Mariners FC [2:1]
Queensland Roar FC v New Zealand Knights FC [2:0]
Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory FC [1:1]

The Australian football public has been waiting for this moment for a long time. No more will we have to suffer with a 4th rate league, where the most action experienced was when the ethnic differences of the fans caused a riot. All that is in the past. It’s a new era of football in this country… and it’s about time, I say. Now let the good times roll…



  1. After a poor start on Friday, my tips came good after the Sunday matches… and not only are the results correct… I got the scorelines too…

    Things to not for the future…
    1. Perth aren’t unbeatable in Perth as they were in the past.
    2. Newcastle aren’t as good as I thought.
    3. Adelaide aren’t as crap as I thought they’d be.

    It’s good to see both of today’s matches had +20k crowds… and that there they got to see a decent standard of football. Things are looking good for the A-League. YAY! 🙂

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