Parents With Prams Parking

A curse on the slag that parked in the parents with prams spot at Highpoint on Friday night… she had no kids in the car, and when confronted about it she replied with an ever so intellegent “Who cares?”

I CARE you MOLE!!!!

I and other parents are the ones put out by your selfishness… why not just park in the disabled spot… or the police parking… no… that’s different… they enforce those parking restrictions.

When will the shopping centre management and local councils start booking idiots who park in “parent with pram” spot who are clearly not parents and do not have prams?!

Until such a time, I’m forced to wish ill on moles and morons that park here without the required parenthood, or pram… and I have only one more thing to say to these people.

May you have many illegitimate, ill behaved kids, your partner leave you and NEVER be able to find a car spot when you go shopping. May you drive around aimlessly looking for a spot while your kids scream at you about being hungry, tired and bored.

I hope you die you selfish cow!!!


  1. No! They should get rid of all parents with prams spots and let everyone be equal! The spots are uneccessary and silly, in my day I had three kids ages 4 and under who I had to lug from one side of the old Highpoint carpark to the other with no help, and I survived! Quite often it was hailing or sleeting too, and the bastaro of an ex definately didn’t care and I’m a stronger woman today for having been through it. Modern day mums should quit complaining and actually appluade those brave and rebellious people without kids who emancipate them from these yellow painted pigeonholes of a parking place.

  2. Amazing how free an easy a rant comes with a little help from a few scotch and cokes… also explains the spelling and grammar mistakes.

  3. I often wonder about some people parking in disabled parking spots, no disability evident. I sometimes think to myself – obviously they have an intellectual disability …. thats the only plausible excuse for them.

    Sometimes I’ve been tempted to pass comment to this effect to them, but to date have held back …. scoring points with a smartarse remark loses out to the thought of maybe getting smacked in the face by some bogan idiot.

  4. My spelling is bad enough when sober… I’ll blame that error on the scotch… it should have read “Intelligent”. It was meant as a sarcastic adjective.

  5. Guilty as charged. I park in Pram spots all the time, and have no pram.
    Whats the problem? You have a pram how hard is it to wheel to your car, its has wheels.
    I have full and heavy random, spazzy wheeled trolley to cope with so we are even.
    I never park in disabled parks because they are there for people who actually need them.
    Go to go shopping now, hope there is a handy close pram spot. I hate walking that extra 20 feet.

  6. Death is a little harsh don’t you think, Keks?
    Besides, where do you draw the line with defining ‘need’ as such?
    I, for example. have 2 whinging kids [that shocking age where they go from primary to hi-school] and a ‘bastaro’ of a summer over here on the west coast – who says just because I don’t have a pram my need for a close bay is less than some bird with a flashy 4wd [that kills the ozone, cyclists and anything that gets in her way on the way to the hairdresser] and air conditioning that has a pram – they are usually the only ones with the time to go to centre managment and get the dumb stickers for those dumb spots anyway.
    But I think I know the ‘who cares’ girl, she tailgates, runs over old ladies and steals your spot as you are reversing into it – she’s been cloned of course, she is just everywhere, frightful – actually one 2nd thoughts it isn’t really that harsh is it…

  7. at most shopping centres i see the only parks withOUT cars parked in them are the pram ones!! ppl here seem to be polite enough to not park in them, but then there arent enough parents to fill them! what a waste!

    & about walked that ‘extra 20 feet’ – i usually park away from the entrance so i can get SOME exercise into my day (i’m not including the hour or so i walk each day to & from work – it’s more necessity than exercise). maybe that’s y the ppl who park in the pram spots without prams r so large??

    btw – i’m 6 months pregnant & am STILL very active. i also plan on NOT parking in the pram spots when my little one is born, i still want to get that extra bit of excercise, & i don’t see y it’s necessary to have pram spots!!!

  8. Yesterday, I parked in a ‘Parents with Prams’ space. This was at a shopping complex I have visited maybe three times on the other side of the city.

    I arrived at the shopping centre pretty early, about 8 to 8:15 am. A lot of the entrances were still chained off for some reason, so after some searching, I came upon a whole section of spaces just for PwP’s. There were approximately 20 to 30 spots set aside for this purpose. So I parked, what’s the big deal, right?!

    Upon exiting, I was abused by some yuppie in a 4WD, wife and kids in tow, because he had arrived at 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon to go shopping and couldn’t find a park.

    “I’ve been driving around for half an hour”, he spat, “and a**eholes like you take our spaces.”

    ‘Our’ spaces!!? Is he special? A higher class than me perhaps?? Am I required to kneel before him and his kind or cower at the far end of the carpark because I haven’t chosen to breed yet???

    “Are you disabled?”, I asked. “Is it my fault that you have kids?”

    I have more than enough nieces and nephews to fill a sporting team so should I really get my wife pregnant so as to join the ‘PwP club’. I don’t think so!

    Now, he doesn’t know anything about me. My mother could still have been inside at the Toyworld with my daughter buying her a present or my wife and I may not be capable of having kids and hence WE are the ones who are ‘disabled’ for want of a better word.

    Look, I don’t park in Emergency services car parks, I don’t park in Disabled car parks and I don’t park in Loading Zones.

    But I WILL continue to park in PwP car parks because there is nothing wrong with your legs, nothing wrong with your children and nothing wrong with your pram.

    So deal with the fact that Parents with Pram car parks are provided by the Centre Management as a Convenience and not an Entitlement.

  9. I came across this page by searching the web for responses on the elderly taking up disabled parking.

    I am astonished as to how many ‘parents with prams’ parking places there are. What is the purpose of these pointless spots. Where I live, we have a rather large shopping centre, and where there used to be a long row of disabled parking, they have now been moved and made room for the ‘parents with prams’. They are closer than the disabled parking. I’m in a wheelchair myself, and not only are the disabled spots always filled, they are becoming smaller in size. Obviously they take up too much space and therefore X amount of cars that could of parked there can’t because the spots are just that bit wider. The elderly also get up my nose. They park in these wide spots when they aren’t in a chair. Those spots are for people who need wide spots to get wheelchairs, frames etc up the side of the car. So my question is, why don’t they make new spots for old people. Perhaps then we might all be a bit happier. Get rid of the PwP spots, because quite frankly, if you’re walking around a shopping centre with kids in tow, then surely you can walk that extra hundred metres or so to get to the car.

    Basically I think all these different parking spots are just causing conflict with everyone. Most drivers feel that it’s their right to judge and tell someone whether they can park there or not.

    So here’s an idea. Get rid of all the parking area’s, make the spots an extra foot wide, and everyone is happy. The only downside is that the car park might need extending. But oh well. That’s not our problem!

  10. You will bring bad karma to yourself if you
    wish ill will on others.

    For example you weren’t able to park in your
    special spot were you! And thats just the beginning!!
    Have some patience and grace.

  11. I’m curious that parents put the PWP parking spots on a par with Disabled parking spots. Do they consider their children to be a disability. If not, why bitch? If so, why breed?

  12. I use the PWP parking spots – I have a toddler & a new baby. The idea is great, close to the centre so my walking toddler has less chance of encountering fast driving idiots trying to get a parking space with little concern for who might be walking around. Yes, with a pram we can walk further, the point is safety here not convenience. Also, the spots are usually a little wider to allow us to open the doors wider to get our precious cargo in and out of the car seats. Hopefully all the people who whinge about PWP spots will one day need them then appreciate how valuable they are. 🙂

  13. I came across this site when searching for info on prams. I can’t believe sites like this exist. I am pregnant with my fourth child and neither feel ‘entitled’ to a PWP spot, or any other special treatment. Good luck to people who consider themselves so, life is about more important things to me. Beautiful healthy children in a wonderful country, I feel entitled enough. I have one of those flashy 4WD that is used on our semi-rural property and we worked damn hard for it. I feel privilaged to live in a country that I can drive my kids onto a deserted beach, go camping having the luxury to use such a vehicle. Stop whinging and bagging those who work hard for what they have AND have the respect to use them sensibly. There are plenty of ignorant and rude people that don’t drive 4WD’s. A few more people should take a step back and stop to smell the roses. Life is precious.

  14. I also use the PwP car spots. I have two children with another one on the way. I wish people would stop whinging about these carparks. They are there for the saftey, that’s why they shouldn’t be removed. I do get a little angry when people without prams park there and it is like parking in a disabled spot. For all these people who have made comments about how we are “whinging” and “why breed?”, have you ever tried to get your toddler across the carpark? there are numerous dangers as children this small don’t understand road saftey. Also has any of you tried to push a pram out of a shopping centre loaded with baby and shopping and trying to hold onto a toddler at the same time? I DIDN”T THINK SO!

  15. I Think the point of the Parents with Prams carpark has been missed by all but the last posting, It isn’t for convenience or because we have more of a right to walk less is because carparks are notorious for crazy drivers and pushing a stroller or pram through a carpark can be very dangerous, just as driving or pushing a wheelchair through a carpark can be dangerous. Maybe instead of having all these spots they can instead try to make it safer for all pedestrians in carparks? BTW I park in a PWP spot even when I don’t have my pram with me simply because I don’t want to endanger the life of my 9 week old baby by dodging cars to get to the front door.

  16. Others have said it and i say it again hopefully you will need them one day and think why did i say they arent needed. We were all put on the earth to produce young and whats the point if you cant protect them are any of you the ones who speed through the carpark? thought so PWP are usually close to kerbs so our littlies are safe maybe you dont speed then you too blind to see and have forgotten what it was like to have kids… I am currently petitioning to fine PWOP (People WithOut Prams)

  17. I don’t believe what I am reading! Incredible, I hope you all feel better after these outbursts! Having babies/children is not as easy as it looks. Those of you who feel it is so easy to judge others, wait until you have children (if you do) you may change your minds.
    It has nothing to do with entitlements or being superior to others,wanting to walk through a carpark, or having a 4WD or a wheelchair. It all has to do with respecting others in their current situations, which most of you here seem relectant to do.

  18. I pay your kids’ education. I endure them during movies and plane rides when their parents fail to even attempt to control them. My rights are being legislated away and my taxes increasing for the sake of other people’s children because SOME (perhaps not you–but some) parents refuse to take responsibility for raising them properly.

    Just today, as I was waiting in line for for a sandwich, some little girl was sitting at a table smashing a bag of potato chips. Then she put them back with the rest of them. Someone–possibly someone without a child of their own–will probably buy them. I couldn’t find the right bag, so there was no point trying to alert the Quiznos management. In a world with kids, life’s a crapshoot. We all pay the price.

    I’m sorry you have a kid. I really am; but you’re not a police officer–and you’re not handicapped. You don’t deserve special privileges simply because you CHOSE to have a child.

    So, yes–I park in your spots. I LOVE it, too! Thanks for the read.

  19. Parents with prams car spaces are allocated at shopping centres because they are WIDER than regular spaces. I’m sure most parents don’t care where they are located within the car park but it is helpful that they are there for the following reason…. it would upset alot of people if it was THEIR car getting unintentionally dinged in the side from the car door as parents bend over trying to buckle their children into their seats… are these the same people out their who are calling us “special”.

  20. I agree with you marina, i love them because they are wider and make it easier to get the little ones in and out. So to those who boast about parking in these spots without having a child, watch out because maybe one day a mum like me may accidently smash my door into the side of your car 🙂

  21. I work as a Nanny(aupair) and only use these PWP car parks when I have the children with me although sometimes I don’t have the pram with me its still so much more safer to park here than 4kms across the carpark from the entrance (like highpoint and such places which are notorius for this situation), as children are not always aware of cars and the road rules, also on days when it is stifling if I have to venture out to the supermarket etc I prefer to have these carparks there for people like myself (mothers, caregivers etc) as I prefer not to have to keep the children in the heat for longer than I have too.
    So well said Original poster, you go girl!!!

  22. “So to those who boast about parking in these spots without having a child, watch out because maybe one day a mum like me may accidently smash my door into the side of your car”

    And I suppose you wouldn’t leave your details either? How are you any better than people who park in PwP spaces then?

  23. “I work as a Nanny(aupair) and only use these PWP car parks when I have the children with me although sometimes I don’t have the pram with me its still so much more safer to park here than 4kms across the carpark from the entrance (like highpoint and such places which are notorius for this situation), as children are not always aware of cars and the road rules, also on days when it is stifling if I have to venture out to the supermarket etc I prefer to have these carparks there for people like myself (mothers, caregivers etc) as I prefer not to have to keep the children in the heat for longer than I have too.”

    That’s why you teach children the road rules, and you keep an eye on them.

    And not only children feel the heat, what about the elderly? Or don’t they matter as much as the little sproglings?

  24. OOPS! I think that was me. Sorry..I thought it was a 15 minute parking area didn’t see the pram signs – never shopped there before and haven’t gone back – people in the carpark yelled a me – didn’t realise why! until I was half way home – I thought I was being yelled at for over-staying my time limit therefore my response “who cares”.
    I had driven in from the bright light of a sunny day (if I remember correctly) into a dimly lit car park with poor signage.
    Perhaps your anger is misdirected and should be vented at the thoughtless people who design the carparks in the first place, the people who do not have any consideration for their shoppers. People like you and I unload a bucket load of money at these centres on a regular basis and are not provided with the basics of having a place to park regardless of whether one has a pram or not. Some spaces are so narrow these days that if you park large cars e.g. 4wd’s or a large family car next to one another you cannot open the doors!! please what are they thinking!! One’s car is part of the shopping experience, the majority of us need a car to get there and take our purchases home. These limited resources (car spaces) provided by the shopping centres are reducing shoppers to a behaviour similar to a bunch of seagulls fighting over a morsel of food because of their greed and to maximise their profits. Therefore I suggest you target the appropriate people and that way you could make things change and we would all have car parking spaces, By the way, I have raised three children and some of the time I did it on my own and never had the benefit of specific car spaces so don’t be so ‘precious’ – it’s only a coloured line on the ground – and it’s not against the law

  25. I totally agree with 2ript. I will continue to park in Parents with Prams parking spots as I cannot understand the necessity for these parking spots. I have two grown children and I would never have expected to have a parking spot near an entrance JUST because I had a pram. So what? Parents with Prams parking sport far outnumber Disabled parking spots. I just don’t understand!!!!

  26. glyn… surely, just b/c YOU don’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong. Quantum physics for example, flight of heavier than air vehicles, or perhaps, in your case, tying shoelaces… just because you can’t comprehend something doesn’t make it okay for you to ignore it.

    The reasons parent-with-prams spots exist is not your concern, and nobody has asked you if you think they’re existence is justified. Fact of the matter is, they exist, and ANYONE that uses them when they’re not entitled to, is a selfish-bastard. Plain and simple.

    RE: number of spots… there are many-many more non-PWP spots than there are PWP spots, so there should be no problem finding one of those… sure you might have to walk a little further, but you could probably afford to lose a little fat… FROM YOUR HEAD!

  27. I think you should all get a life, what a pathetic thing to argue about. There are children dying every second of every day who have never even seen a supermarket let alone a carpark. Have a little dignity. Be grateful you have so much. If this is all you all have to moan about then it’s very sad indeed.

  28. While I agree that the initial post seems a little harsh, I want to clarify that it’s not about having a pram. It’s about being able to open the car door wide enough to maneouvre a baby or a toddler out of their car seat (which probably weren’t compulsory when 2ripts children were toddlers and no doubt are ‘stronger’ for having had to lie on the floor on the car).

    I rarely park in the ‘parents with prams’ spots but there was an incidence a few months ago when some moron parked two inches from the passenger side of my car and I had to climb across the back seat to get the baby out. New mothers are particularly susceptible to back injuries because of the hormonal changes their body experiences during pregnancy and as I was also sporting a broken rib at the time, I definately would have appreciated a ‘parents with pram’ spot had there been one available. Which of course there wasn’t because Dave was parked in it. What a wonderful father and husband he’s not going to make some day.

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