World Cup Fantasy League

I’ve just submitted my squad in the World Cup Blogs league on the Soccer Fantasy League website. I was once a bit of a fantasy league junkie. While I still managed to submit a team into this seasons EPL Fantasy League, I don’t believe I’ve logged on since… a far cry from the weekly transfers I was making back in 2001-2002.

Speaking of junkies, while reading the comment on my last post on the World Cup Blog, I discovered a very cool local site dedicated to football in Australia… Confessions of an A-League Junkie.

The thing about this site that suprises me is that it was nominated in this years Australian Blog Awards and I missed it… I guess I was a little to busy running the stupid awards to fully appreciate the quality of the nominations.


  1. Speaking as the parent of a university club president, who understands at second hand how freaking ungrateful people can be towards volunteers, I’d like to ask, Vlado, how much work is involved in running that comp. and if you would consider inviting Jon Yau of to assist, or someone like that.
    Not sure how much use I would be from Melbourne, but there may be some small job an amateur librarian could do..?

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