SoFoBoMo 2009 – Melbourne and/or Madrid

Melbourne - View From Southbank


Some time ago, I registered to participate in sofobomo 2009. Pressed for a topic at the time, I opted to make Melbourne the subject of my photo book. I mean, it is where I live, and many of my favourite photos are of this beautiful city… and it shouldn’t be too hard to get enough photos to fill a book.

Steets of Madrid


Well… now I’m toying with the idea of doing two books for sofobomo. Am I crazy? Where will I find the time? Well, it turns out that I’ll be spending a portion of the Sofobomo period in Madrid and what better way to spend my time when I’m not working, than taking photos. Right? Well, that’s a no brainer, but can I really commit to making a book in that period, especially considering I’ll be there working, and I have done little more than look at the photos I took last trip.

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