Australia Robbed by Another Poor Decision by a Ref at Germany 2006

I’m gutted… I want to vent… desperately want to get the anger, disappointment etc off my chest… but the words just aren’t coming. Not really much I could say that hasn’t been said elsewhere:

Italy had better chances, Australia was the better team, and the ref made two mistakes
a) not awarding a penalty for hand ball when Aloisi went for the overhead kick.
b) Awarding the penaly in the dying seconds when it was clearly not a foul.
I have to say, that the Spanish ref was by far the best ref Australia has had except for the fact that he cost us the most.

In short, Australia should be proud of their efforts, and in a fair and just world, that match would have gone to extra time, at the least.

Now, I just hope that karma comes and bites these Italian’s on the ass in the next game.

Going to my “happy place” now… perhaps the Ukrainian’s can beat the Swiss and inflict a good karma balancing thumping in the quarter-finals.

Well done Socceroos…


  1. Italy had better chances, Australia was the better team, and the ref made two mistakes…

    I don’t think so

  2. Bob… you’re 3/4 right “(you) don’t think”.

    Ilaria… I have nothing against Italy… except that their football team is the epitome of all that is UGLY in the “beautiful” game… diving, cheating, disrespectful, arrogant… other than that, I think they’re just fine.

    Go Ukraine!

  3. It is evident tthat Italy cheated with that false penalty. They wanted it and they had it. Australia went back home, but the ref is still there!!! It is incredible. Blatter go home!!!

  4. People make mistakes, and the ref is only human… he’s not to blame… he had a reasonable match, and is probably one of the better refs of the tournament. However, it’s the poor sportsmanship that is the problem.

    My issue in not that Australia lost, had they coped a goal in extra-time during a counter-attack… no stress. It’s the manner in which they lost that causes the grief.

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