Unfortunate name generated by the BrazilName generator

Try to get my mind off the Australia v Italy result, and waiting for the Ukraine v Switzerland match, I thought I’d post something I found a few days ago.

The BrazilName Generator allows one to find out what their name might be if they were selected to play for the Brazilian national football team.

As you can see from the image above, the name created by the generator, based on my real name is quite unfortunate… “Vladildo” isn’t all that flattering, but at least it’s not the worst I’ve seen. Amanda was unfortunate enough to score “Amandildo” as her BrazilName… i.e. “A Man Dildo”. Now this conjures images of a player that is known for his “penetrating runs”, “probing long balls” and “ability to get through the opponents backline”.

Sorry… I had to say it.

Anyway, this led me to an informative article about how Brazilians actually do get their names, and they don’t use the BrazilName generator.


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