A-League Tips – 2006 – Round 2, 3 and 4

Couldn’t get organised enough to post my A-League tips for the last two weeks here, but I did submit them to footytips.com.au. Not that they were really anything to write about… managing only two for Round 2 and a dismal one for Round 3.

So, considering I did a fair bit better on my AFL tipping at work this year than I seem to be doing on my A-League tipping, I’m going to resort to employing my AFL tipping strategy here. It’s basically a set and forget strategy i.e. tip on the Monday and don’t worry about it until the following Monday when I check to see how I went. That said, here are my tips for Round 4.

Another aspect of the “set and forget” strategy is not caring how the experts are doing, so I’ll only compare my score to theirs every month or so.


  1. Last seasons’s A-League bottom four teams are playing well so far and so tipping should be a problem in these early rounds. We will see what happens from now onwards because all teams should have at least sorted themselves out by now.

  2. G’day Keks. I found you via Owatalk, and thanks to you have found a trail to other Ozzie football blogs.

    Are you going to keep going? My tips for round five were abysmal, and my son’s were only slightly better.

    What about an informal competition to see who tips the best. My suggestion is 3 points for the correct score and 1 point for a correct result with the wrong score. With this system I got only a solitary point for round five, and my son Jacob got 3. It rules out the ‘experts’ who make a call for just the result without a score. Waddayareckon?

    I’ll be linking you.

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