Australia v Paraguay – 2006

I had a dream a couple of nights ago about the Australia v Paraguay match which is set to kick-off in about an hour or so. It wasn’t so much a dream, but more of a nightmare, with the Socceroos going down 1-0 in the match. When I awoke, I could hardly contain my anger and rage at Arnold and Kosmina… these two clowns shouldn’t have been given the honour of coaching Australia, even in a caretaker role, and should have been given their marching orders after the Kuwait debacle, but if my dream turns out to be a preminision, they should have their citzenship stripped and sent off to Nauru.


  1. Well your dream wasn’t quite right, and the moment of elation at Suncorp Stadium at Popovic’s goal was worth the dampener at the end. Oh the drama; the poetic dance of fate!

    But yeah, get rid of Arnold. We need a coach not a human relations junkie.

  2. Yes… I make a poor psychic.

    RE: Arnold… so true.

    And Hamish… while your idea of an “informal (tipping) competition”, however, I’ve missed several rounds of tipping scores (only have results tipped via

  3. Ahh soccer, the game where a 0-0 result can still be considered “a great game”.

    Personally i love that Arnold has the top job in Australian soccer. He’s doing everything i could ever wish for to ensure that soccer in Australia remains a fringe sport loved by the football tragics. After all, who wants a sport in Australia where you need a crowd proof fence to separate supporters to prevent riots?? Not me that’s for sure. And having been in stadiums where apartheid exists, it sucks much wang.

    Long live Graham Arnold! SA RIP

  4. Dear Keks: I am sorry to leave an unrelated comment to this post, but I could not see any other way to contact you (to all: please excuse my interruption).
    I read your “Faking the Lomo Effect – Fireworks Style” from February 25, 2003. I use Fireworks and would like to apply this affect to photos, but cannot figure out how to properly execute all of the commands from the tutorial in fireworks. If you have the time to respond, please send to my email. Thanks so much.

  5. I went and watched the actual match in Brisbane, was my first time ever watching a live soccer game. Was sooo much fun! I am like most and have only jumped on the band wagon since the World Cup because I hadn’t realised just how exciting the game was! Since then I’ve instigated our own corporate a-league tipping comp at my work and loving it!!

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