Australia Robbed by Another Poor Decision by a Ref at Germany 2006

I’m gutted… I want to vent… desperately want to get the anger, disappointment etc off my chest… but the words just aren’t coming. Not really much I could say that hasn’t been said elsewhere:

Italy had better chances, Australia was the better team, and the ref made two mistakes
a) not awarding a penalty for hand ball when Aloisi went for the overhead kick.
b) Awarding the penaly in the dying seconds when it was clearly not a foul.
I have to say, that the Spanish ref was by far the best ref Australia has had except for the fact that he cost us the most.

In short, Australia should be proud of their efforts, and in a fair and just world, that match would have gone to extra time, at the least.

Now, I just hope that karma comes and bites these Italian’s on the ass in the next game.

Going to my “happy place” now… perhaps the Ukrainian’s can beat the Swiss and inflict a good karma balancing thumping in the quarter-finals.

Well done Socceroos…

World Cup Fantasy League

I’ve just submitted my squad in the World Cup Blogs league on the Soccer Fantasy League website. I was once a bit of a fantasy league junkie. While I still managed to submit a team into this seasons EPL Fantasy League, I don’t believe I’ve logged on since… a far cry from the weekly transfers I was making back in 2001-2002.

Speaking of junkies, while reading the comment on my last post on the World Cup Blog, I discovered a very cool local site dedicated to football in Australia… Confessions of an A-League Junkie.

The thing about this site that suprises me is that it was nominated in this years Australian Blog Awards and I missed it… I guess I was a little to busy running the stupid awards to fully appreciate the quality of the nominations.

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony – Review

A quick review of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony… Gee I’m glad I didn’t pay to see that, and I bet there are thousands of others thinking the same right now.


  • Fireworks


  • Almost everything else, in particular –
    • Channel 9’s coverage, again… really, this time it was mainly thanks to Ray (thank God they ditched Liz)
    • AFL footballers
    • Dame Edna
    • Casey Donovan… but at least it wasn’t Anthony Callea… at least Casey did a half decent job of miming
    • Bollywood… sorry India, but I just don’t get it… but it’s not just Bollywood though, I’m not a big fan of any movies/shows where they sing the dialogue

Some of the other stuff wasn’t too bad… Paul Kelly was almost a highlight, and John Farnham was almost there too… but they were all a bit meh really… Oh… the David Dixon Award going to Samaresh Jung… like the rest of Australia I thought “who?”, but when it was explained that he was the Indian who won 5 gold, a silver and a bronze, I realised that thanks to Channel 9, I probably hadn’t even heard his name mentioned, hence my ignorance. A good choice I’d say.

Anyway, it all over… all the athletes and officials will pack up and head home now.

In short, I have to say the games were nowhere near as disruptive to life in this city as I expected. In fact they were quite enjoyable.

Stay tuned to a write-up about our Commonwealth Games experience from last Saturday where we saw the triathlons and sampled some of the cultural aspects of the Melbourne 2006 festival. Also, you’re all owed a medal table from me… that’s on it’s way.

On behalf of all of Melbourne (because we all know as a blogger I have the right to speak for us all), I say “Thank you to all the athletes and nations of the Commonwealth for making Melbourne 2006 a great games” (nb: I’d thank everyone else, but they were mentioned in the official speeches).

Melbourne 2006 Medal Table

I had hoped to knock together a Commonwealth Games medal table to rival the one that breaking news have made available, however I was going to make mine a little different in that it would have taken into account the nations GDP etc, much like the table I created in the wake of the Athens Olympics.

There were to problems with me doing this though…

  1. The lack of easily accessible GDP information about the each of such England, Scotland and Wales, not to mention the smallerBritish overseas territories that don’t have them all lumped as the United Kingdom… same for some of the other competing nations, such as Norfolk Island, Cook Islands and Niue.
  2. I haven’t had the time to do it… always the way.

With any luck I’ll manage to track down some figures and some time to make on at the conclusion of the games… but that may be as successful as that site redesign I was planning.

A-League Tips – Round 21

Hard to believe that we’ve almost finished the inaugural A-League season. Where has the time gone? My tips for the final round are as follows:

Sydney FC v Adelaide United FC [1:1]
Melbourne Victory FC v New Zealand Knights FC [3:0]
Queensland Roar FC v Central Coast Mariners FC [2:0]
Newcastle Jets FC v Perth Glory FC [0:0]

Now… lets see how I’ve fared so far.

Correct Tips for Round’s 1 to 20:

2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 0, 1, 3, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1

So… so far I’ve got 30 correct. Reasonable when one compares that to the monkey with a keyboard, who’d be on 27 after 20 rounds. How about those experts? How are they going?

Les Murray – 33
Michael Cockerill – 33
Graham Arnold – 31
Michael Lynch – 28

So they’re all doing better than the monkey, and only Michael Lynch is doing worse than me. My how things have changed since I last looked at the “experts” tips.

A-League Tips – Rounds 17-20

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other activities to post my A-League tips this month… but I have been keeping tabs of the matches and have been recording my tips… so for the record, here is what I tipped for Rounds 17 to 20.


Newcastle Jets FC v Queensland Roar FC [2:1]
Central Coast Mariners FC v Melbourne Victory FC [0:1]
New Zealand Knights FC v Adelaide United FC [0:3]
Perth Glory FC v Sydney FC [1:0]


New Zealand Knights FC v Perth Glory FC [0:2]
Adelaide United FC v Central Coast Mariners FC [0:0]
Queensland Roar FC v Sydney FC [2:2]
Newcastle Jets FC v Melbourne Victory FC [1:1]

I got two correct in Round 19.


Perth Glory FC v Adelaide United FC [1:0]
Newcastle Jets FC v New Zealand Knights FC [3:0]
Sydney FC v Central Coast Mariners FC [2:1]
Queensland Roar FC v Melbourne Victory FC [2:2]

Only one right in Round 18.


Adelaide United FC v Melbourne Victory FC [1:1]
Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets FC [1:0]
Perth Glory FC v Queensland Roar FC [2:2]
Central Coast Mariners FC v New Zealand Knights FC [2:0]

I believe I only got the one for that round.

Based on this, I reckon I’d be behind the monkey, and I’ll have to look in Friday’s Age to see if they published the “experts” tips and scores. I’ll have to post this info along with my tips for next weeks tips… last round of the season.